Tailored Lighting Solutions

A proper lighting design for each specific environment is essential to maximize its quality of use. We will consider your priorities; fundamental factors including light quality, correspondence between lighting, and propose; and environmental parameters. We even go beyond this to consider these much more scientific and sophisticated factors in our lighting designs to offer you a unique outcome:

Using high quality lighting equipment with superb physical, electrical, and electronic specifications in accordance with the architectural and aesthetic characteristics of the project.
Proper colour temperature, beam angle, CRI, appearance, longevity, harmony between architectural details and lighting design, energy consumption, and cost optimization.
Multiple layers of lighting for both charm and functionality. The combination of general, accent, and decorative lighting that accounts for users' health and safety creates for you a blend of art, comfort, efficiency, and safety.

We Normally Follow Below Steps

Receiving and reviewing customer needs and requirements

Project visit

Create Primary ideas and designs

Final simulation and design

Preparation of lighting control system

Choosing appropriate products and suppliers

Delivering executive plans, layouts and products list

Monitoring and managing installation